Monday, January 9, 2017

Power Question of the Week! #1

How do I get started homeschooling? 🏠📓

Answer: I always suggest looking up the laws for your state. If you do a search for homeschool laws for your particular state, you will find a lot of information. It is very important to be in compliance with state laws and requirements. We are blessed to live in a state with very relaxed laws. 

Next, you will want to decide on a method of homeschooling. There are many methods out there! Here is a list to get you started Lastly, comes choosing a curriculum. This one takes a bit of research, but that is what the homeschooling community is for! You can find videos, blogs, and articles related to curriculum. You will be surprised at how large the homeschooling community is. We are growing more and more every year!

Georgia Residents: If you live in Georgia, you can visit for all requirements and resources for home educators. You will also find a letter of intent to homeschool for the Georgia Board of Education here…/…/Home-Study-DOI.aspx. See you next week!