Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New! Power Question of the Week! 📚

Hello, friends!

Happy New Year!!🎆 I hope that you had a wonderful holiday! This year, I really want to give my blogging all that I have. I admit that sometimes I don't put as much into it as I should, but I am making an effort to do better! New year, new beginnings, right? 

Beginning January 9th, I will be posting a question from our followers on Mondays! You will also be able to follow and comment on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Homeschooling-Is-My-Superpower-888027924551653/. We will be calling this our Power Question of the Week!

I get so many questions and I am sure that some of you have the same questions. It is my hope that the answers and comments will be able to help you understand homeschooling, and help you on your homeschooling journey! So, look for our questions on Mondays! If you would like to ask us a homeschooling or homemaking question, please email me at homeschool3power@gmail.com, or comment on our blog or on Facebook! Wishing you a very successful year! 💖