Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thrifty Tip of the Week: Stack it Up!

Coupon Stacking!

Have you every received multiple coupons for the same item and wished that you could use them and knock off tons of bucks on a single item? Well, this may be's called coupon stacking! 

If you receive more than one coupon for the same item, check the fine print to make sure that it does not say "Not valid with any other offer", also make sure that you are getting the exact item, quantity, and size that the coupon specifies. Next, verify that that store accepts your coupons. If all of these things are a "go" can lower the price of your item a great deal. 

For example let's say that you have received a $1 off  coupon on Pampers diapers from  one company and you received a $3 off coupon from the Pampers company. If neither of those coupons state that you cannot use it with another offer from another company, you just received $4 total off of your diapers! So, to all of you coupon lovers out there, my advice for those of you who do not already know, is to check, stack, and save.