Thursday, September 30, 2010


Homeschool On A Budget.

I have found that one of the cheapest items to use for various projects are beans. We have already used beans for tracing our letters and for a visual aid when we were discussing the letter "B" (B is for beans).

Today, we did an activity that my son seemed to really enjoy. Guess what we used...Beans! Feel free to try it. Our number of the week is the number six (6). So, we did a fun sorting game to help him learn his numbers.

  •  I mixed numerous beans of  different types (kidney, black, and black-eyed) and put them in a bowl.
  • I asked my son to group 6 beans into the 3 groups they belonged in. For example, he  grouped 6 kidney beans together, then black, and finally black-eyed. Until we had 3 groups of six.

He had so much fun doing this activity that he spent another few minutes making new groups of whatever number he chose by his own request. 

This activity teaches sorting and grouping and also gave him an opportunity to count the beans to make sure he had his 6 beans. My 1 year old also enjoyed playing with the beans...supervised of course.