Sunday, September 5, 2010

"The Best Things in Life Are Free"

Today has been a day of reflection. I was just thinking about my life and how blessed I am. As with everyone, I sometimes think of all of the things I long to have in the future and what I long to have right now. I mean, we are not rich, but we are not destitute either. However, being human you sometimes get wrapped up in "Being like the Jones'". Today, I had the biggest revelation of my life.

I have a loving, faithful, understanding, husband, 2 healthy, beautiful kids, a home, transportation, and most of all I have God. All of my fantasies and dreams could not even compare to what I already have. There are so many things in this world that money can buy, except what I already husband, my babies, and the joy I have from having God in my life. We do need money to live...I mean we have to eat, but it is taking the time to realize what really matters that makes you "rich"...with or without a huge bank account.

When my children grow up, I hope that they can look back and smile at the memories of the times we spent together, the laughs we had, the hugs and kisses that they received, and the "I love you" that they heard and remember their mother. I can't remember all of the toys, clothes, shoes, etc. that my parents gave me, but I can remember every vacation, never coming home to an empty house, every Honor Roll program or Orchestra recital that was never missed, every Christmas we spent together and that is what makes me smile. That is what I will remember about my parents and about my childhood.

Sometimes we get so stressed trying to get more...that we don't take the time to stop to thank God for what we already have. It is not money or status that I want sitting at my bed side when I am ready to exit this life...I pray that I am able to have the most important people there with me, having no regrets for any missed opportunities of showing each other how much we mean to one another and how much we love one other. I have done some great things, met some wonderful people, experienced some awesome business and career opportunities, but what I am most proud of, is being a mommy and a wife.

My husband and I are only getting started building our life together, but no matter what we accumulate monetarily in the future, whatever status with both may reach in the years to come, there would be nothing more valuable than what he and God have already enriched my life family.

So, I take the time today to say thank you...thank you, God for all that you have done for me. Thank you for the love that always surrounds me and I pray that I always take a little of that love and pass it along, wherever I may go.