Monday, February 2, 2015

In a Word (or words), Why I loved growing up in the 80s!

 I have really come to appreciate my childhood. I have to say that I loved so many things about growing up in the 80s and early 90s, and for others who grew up in these awesome decades, I am sure that you can relate. Are you ready for a blast from the past? I am going to list my favorite things about my childhood, without going into detail about them, because really there's no explanation needed. See if any of my favorites made your list.

1. Saturday morning cartoons.
2. REAL Arcade games
3. Birthday parties at McDonald's and Burger King.
4. Leg Warmers
5. Michael Jackson
6. Prince
7. Purple Rain
8. Cross Colours (more like early 90s, but close enough)
9. Starter Jackets and Hoodies
10. Pump it up! Tennis Shoes 
11. MC Hammer
12. "The Snake" Dance
13. Nintendo's Duck Hunt 
14. Kickball
15. Skating
16. Sony Walkman Cassette Player
17. Recording my favorite songs from the radio
18. Vacation Bible School
19. Cabbage Patch Kids
20. Happy Meal Toys
21. The Smurfs
22. The Cosby Show
23. Summer Break
24. Catching Fireflies
25. Junk/ Plastic Charm Necklaces
26. Chasing down the Ice cream Man
27.  Hand Games: Ms. Mary Mack was a favorite!
28. Hair Braids with Beads
29. Record Stores (Remember "Turtles Record Store"?)
30. ABC Network's TGIF.... Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers
31. Back to the Future Movies
32. Howard the Duck
33. British Knight
34. Rainbow Brite
35. My first perfume: Exclamation!
36. Pizza Hut: Book It!
37. Sticker Collecting
38. Friendship Bracelets
39. School Valentine's Day Parties: The cards with the lollipops
40.  Snoopy Snow Cone Machine
41. Tinkerbell Cosmetics for Girls
42. Lite- Brite
43. Trying to keep"Sea Monkeys'"alive
44. Christmas...enough said!
45. The water hose, sprinkler, and my front yard
46. Kriss Kross making you Jump, Jump!
47. BET's Video Soul and Rap City
48. Combat Boots 
49. Monchichi
50. All of the songs from Alvin and the Chipmunks
51. He-Man had the power!
52. Plastic or Metal Lunchbox with matching Thermos
53. Big Wheels (Remember pedaling like a mad person and the plastic
54. Jelly Shoes (They hurt, but they were cute!)
55. Speak N' Spell
56. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
57. Gremlins
58. Ghostbusters
59. K Mart and the Icee from the Snack Bar
60. Mr. Wizard

Those are some of the things that made my childhood great! Comment and tell me what you loved about growing up in the 80s!