Friday, June 13, 2014

New Chapter.....

Now that we have said goodbye to our online school, we will be starting a new chapter in our homeschooling lives...TRADITIONAL HOMESCHOOL. It is a bit scary, but it is also very exciting. After years of being accountable to teachers, the school system, and an online schedule, it is going to be very freeing to be able to plan and teach according to my kid's unique abilities (Warning: This calls for a lot of discipline). Both of my kids have been tested and evaluated as operating above grade level. My 3rd grader (my son) is operating on a Middle to High School level in many subjects, and my rising Kindergartner is operating on a 1st grade level in everything except reading. So, my challenge with the online school was how to keep my son challenged while keeping up with the state requirements. There is only so far that he can move ahead with the online school, and now the sky is the limit. I also wanted my daughter (the kindergartner) to be able to move as quickly or as slowly as she needs to.

Now that we have made this transition, what plan will we follow? Well, I have been planning and supplementing my own curriculum for years, and I will continue to do so with both kids. I will also be using an online, FREE curriculum called Easy Peasy: All-in-One-Homeschool Curriculum. This curriculum is a gift from God! The creator has taken every subject (and electives) for every grade level through 8th grade, and has created an all-in-one curriculum. You can do your online lesson, click on the links, print the lessons, and you are books to buy unless you want to supplement. My 3rd grader will be studying Zoology, American History, and New Testament Bible among other things this year and I am very excited. For Kindergarten, we will be using an excellent reading program called the McGuffey Primer, in which she will be able to learn sight words, learn phonics, and learn to read with this program. Since she is advanced in math, we will be using a lot of 1st grade topics from the curriculum. That is another reason that I love Easy Peasy! I can tailor it to my kid's level of learning. If my son needs a 6th grade reading assignment, we can do it! If my Kindergartner needs to move ahead in math, but get more practice with reading, we can do that as well!

I am so grateful for this website. It is going to make it so much easier and make me more confident that my kid's are learning everything that they need to. I will be ordering my son's standardized testing for 3rd grade, and administering it myself. I feel very confident that he will excel! This program is college preparatory in my opinion, but you can always supplement  when you need to. Don't forget that the best thing about homeschooling is that you are in charge of your child's education. Now, this is very liberating, but it is a major responsibility.

Best wishes in your homeschooling journey! Always feel free to comment with any questions concerning homeschooling :-)

**I have not been asked or paid to review or endorse this website! This is strictly the opinion of a veteran homeschool mommy of 3.**