Friday, October 15, 2010

OMG!! Being Thrifty....

Anyone who has been following my "Being Thrifty is Nifty" posts, knows that we have been doing an experiment with our electric bill. We have been unplugging everything when not in use to see if it makes a difference in our bill. Well, last month it worked wonderfully! Our bill was literally cut in half and we gave this experiment two thumbs up. 

This month I had such a huge scare: We opened our electric bill and it was $348 (normally it was around 200). So we panicked...OMG!!! An almost $400 electric bill, that is more than we pay for our car! Anyway, my husband called them and asked for another meter reading and they agreed to come back out. As the due date approached, I called back again and they apologized and said that it was a mistake in the meter reading. Our bill was in fact only $199. I wanted to do a little dance and shout (well, I did shout a little "Thank You" to the Lord).

Having said that, My "Thrifty Tip" for this week is, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK your electric bill. If you feel that the amount is very high, ask them to do another reading. Never just assume that they are right and pay it! 

Also, try unplugging your electric equipment and appliances and see if you see the difference in your bill!